We need your help!

The fallen riders memorial fund is funded by the events we hold, along with donations from individuals and the sponsors of our support gear,we can not exist with out them. Our goal is to be able to give a substantial check to the families that have lost a loved one in a motorcycle accident. As of now we are only able to give the funds bare minimum to these families, with the number of bikers in the area,there is no reason why this has to be.

Our vision is to be able to help the rider that gets hurt while riding their bike too, by cutting them a check for a weeks wages lost, but unfortunately ,with out the donations,this is just a vision. With the way gas prices are going up, more and more people are trying their hand at motorcycling, and sometimes with disastrous results. This is why know more than ever we need your help, so that we can make this fund what is intend to be, a fund that can be used by the whole biker community.

So please, help us so we can help others.


Chris Nice
National President/CEO


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We are sorry, but once a donation has been made, we are unable to refund any money.